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Mitic Jelena

Hercegovacka 18
Republic Serbia
+38164 4598234 
Interior Design/ Academy Of Fine Arts and Multimedia 

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We are both finishing a second year at Academy of Fine Arts and Multimedia in Belgrade, although I studied architecture as well one year(Mitic). We share same passion for design, architecture and art. Our goal in future is to have opportunity to see all of our ideas being implemented on shelves and people who enjoy our product/interior design. We are working at cafes since day 1 on college, so we can explore what do different people need, how they function on everyday bases, to comprehend their aspirations and needs so we can one day make products or objects that are the answer for all of those questions. We are both planet lovers so everything that we design is eco friendly and animal cruelty free.

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Bedroom in a Suitcase?

Our idea was to make something that is portable and functional in more than one way. You are looking at suitcase that is made of waterproof plywood (Beech) that transforms in bed/screen with shelves and rod for clothes. wheels with brakes allow you to move it /or not around the house/ world. Also there is cover made of waxed canvas, so you don`t have to worry about the atmospherics while you carry your bedroom in a suitcase wherever you want. It is completely made of eco friendly materials. All that jolly talk on a side, we can`t turn our heads on all of the tragedies that are happening right now, so we wanted to make something that could be affordable and maybe an aid for people that were forced to leave their beds. 

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